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​Hello, my name is Shari Borrowman. I have crafted all my life.  I  made many of my own clothes in high school which included my prom and homecoming gowns. Sometime in the mid-80's I ventured from sewing clothes to crafting items from vintage quilts.  I am a proud mother of  two wonderful children. I decided to stay at home crafting until they were in school. 
When the time came for both children to enter into school I realized I needed something to keep me busy, well, because all of us moms know that once they go to school we have a lot of free time on our hands. :)   I decided to work part-time while they were in school so I could always attend all of their activities, which, let me tell you, keeps a mom busy. Once the last one was nearing graduation I realized once again that I was going to be having a lot of free time so it was the perfect time to pursue my passion.
The timing could not have been more PERFECT!  My nephew was selling his sign business, so in January of 2008, I became a business owner. It was a great leap of faith for me. As it turns out it was definitely the right leap.  Living in our rural area, I make vinyl signs and decals for individuals, business owners and more. In 2009, I decided to incorporate my vinyl business with my crafts.  So, I went from making decals for farmers trucks and business signs to crafting on wood, glass, canvas and acrylics. I love the things I make, the new ideas that friends like you bring to me to create.  Let me help you create your perfect sign, craft or fundraising idea!!
I will always go out of my way to accommodate your needs.  Please contact me  with any questions you may have.

I hope you find something you like.  You can also find many of my crafts at Country Fixins Primitives, E. Industrial Drive, Pittsfield, IL.